Founded in 1993, we are a service provider and engineering company currently employing three people.

We support our customers in nearly all areas of industries in the field of technical optics in a spirit of fair cooperation from a technical and scientific point of view.

Our strength is solving individual tasks in an independent, fast, competent and comprehensive way. We can also offer specially designed optical parts or standard products such as no-name lenses for all applications/types of cameras which we can offer inexpen­sively through direct access to worldwide OEM.

The most important areas of our activity are:

  • Optical development and design
  • Production of sample lenses / lens systems made of glass, plastic or hybrid design 
  • Series manufacture of lenses / lens systems
  • Supply of optical components and systems, e.g.:

    panes of glass, Fresnel lenses, aspherical lenses, cylindrical lenses, reflectors, filters, crystals, prisms, reticles, beam splitters, micro-optics, laser optics, metallic optics and others for use in
    UV, VIS, NIR and FIR.

    Materials such as glass, quartz, crystal and plastic are used here.
    Object lenses and cameras for all fields of application, also customer specific.

We have customers from all industries – all over the world.

This includes both global players as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

Contact us early in the conceptual stage of your project – it will be worth it!
Even if you already have suppliers for your components – we are often able to come up with attractive alternatives.

We would be happy to have a more detailed discussion with you.

TEC - International Optics

Milanweg 52
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Phone: +49 (0) 7361 - 41041
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